University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science

"Teaching History and Philosophy of Science to Science Students" (Annual Meeting of the National Committee for History and Philosophy of Science) Cancelled

Date and time

Thursday March 26, 2020 at 9:00 AM to Friday March 27, 2020 at 1:30 PM

Registration Deadline

Friday March 20, 2020 at 12:00 AM


Department of Science Education, Jagtvej 128, 2200 Copenhagen Department of Science Education
Jagtvej 128
2200 Copenhagen


Joeri Witteveen

The Danish National Committee for History and Philosophy of Science will hold its Annual Meeting of 2020 on Thursday March 26 & Friday March 27 (until lunchtime) on the topic “Teaching History and Philosophy of Science to Science Students”. Contributed talks will cover the why, what, and how of teaching history and philosophy of science to science students (including math and engineering students).

Till Grüne-Yanoff (KTH, Stockholm) will deliver a keynote lecture on Thursday morning. The registration fee covers coffee, tea and lunch on both days. Please indicate if you would like to join for dinner (at your own expense) on Thursday evening at a restaurant near the conference location.

The event will in held at the Niels Bohr Building of the University of Copenhagen. The exact location and the full program will be announced soon.

Accepted presentations:

K. Brad Wray


Teaching Philosophy of Science to Chemistry Students

Rasmus Jaksland

NTNU Trondheim

Teaching foundational principles and innovation in science education

Esben Nedenskov Petersen


Scientific imperialism and the philosophy of science curriculum

Tom Børsen


Developing teaching material in ethics for chemistry and chemistry engineering students

Mads Paludan Goddiksen


Understanding Scientific Reasoning: Refinements and Adaptations

Kristian Danielsen and Henrik Kragh Sørensen


Teaching philosophy of science with historical cases in upper-secondary school

Henrik Kragh Sørensen and Mikkel Willum Johansen


What’s in a name? Teaching professional identity through a course in philosophy of science

Martin Niss


Teaching Nature of Science to science students through project work at Roskilde University

Line Edslev Andersen


Practicing philosophical essay writing

Ricardo Karam and Christian Joas


Designing a history of quantum mechanics course at the University of Copenhagen: Dilemmas, expectations, and learning outcomes

Till Grüne-Yanoff (keynote)

KTH Stockholm

Methodology as heuristic choice between methods for specific epistemic aims

Event Location

Organizer Contact Information

Joeri Witteveen

Organizer Contact Information

Joeri Witteveen